Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Like THIS!

These are the peas and they are doing wonderfully!! I finally planted the beans last week, and today we saw some sprouting and then when I came home two had burst up and out and are standing upright.

This is where our cucumbers are SUPPOSED to be . . notice there are only weeds . .

And what would a post be without pictures of Addie? I have included an action shot of her running! We are anxiously awaiting news that the new pups are born . .should be any day now. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. We are headed up to Michigan for some family togetherness with DP's side of the family. Should be fun.


Lynilu said...

A garden! A real garden!!! I'm so impressed with you!

Addie is such a beautiful creature! I'm glad she found your home to own. She's a smart lady! :)

Locks said...

what a beautiful dog!