Friday, March 14, 2008

Introducing Addie!

Here she is!!

She is such a doll so far-though I have to say the most stinkiest dog I have EVER stunk. Good thing we were able to secure a bath for her this morning. She looks really big in the photo, but she isn't that large. We weighed her last night at the store where we went to get her food and she weighs 36.5lbs. She is still quite underweight which you can tell when she lays down-her whole ribcage sticks up . . .

I brought her home yesterday and she got in, and sat in the car very nicely. When we arrived home we played in the backyard for a bit, but she mostly she wanted to lay in the sun and sleep. I thought this was a good idea to maybe air her out a bit?! While out there I crammed all the info I could from two books on GS--be careful, I am MUCH MUCH wiser now after all that cramming!

Then when DP got home, we headed to the pet store which BTW, we love. If anyone is in the area and has pets, please use this place. There we looked a food, some more toys, poopy bags, and a training collar. There were two little girls that just loved her, and while I was a bit nervous, she handled herself beautifully! We are both very impressed by her so far.

When we got home, she ate dinner and then afterwards went out and pooped and peed!! YEAH Addie. After that she was pretty much pooped. We took some photos, set up the crates, and then settled her in.

I have been awake on and off for most of the night to listen for signs of needing to go out, but she was konked out. I finally took her out at 4 am thinking it would help ME to be able to go back to sleep, but as you can tell by the 5am writing time of this, that did not happen.

As I type, she is sleeping in th crate next to me. I can't wait until she is clean and I can hug her-though I will need to be sure I don't squeeze her eyeballs out . . .she's really cute! Ok, enough rambling.


AJ said...

She is so cute! Much bigger than my 6lb dog. You seem like great doggie parents.

Jenster said...

She's so cute and she sounds so well behaved. Addie is very lucky to have you two!!

Lynilu said...

She is a beautiful creature! I'm glad she has a home with you and will be able to gain to a healthier weight and be loved without end!!