Sunday, March 30, 2008

Missing in Action

Boy, having a puppy makes for some "ruff" work. I tell you, this sure is good training for having a kid.

Addie is doing well. She enjoys the dog park and playing with her friend Casey next door. She was taken to the vet and she determined the runny bottom was from Giardia, which was treated, and then came back--or more accurately never went away entirely. More antibiotics and special food. She still seems to have some trouble with her back leg, and she suggested we have some x-rays done to see what's going on. We will wait a while for this, but will start giving her glucosamine. She seemed to be doing better, but then yesterday we did a lot-went to dog park in AM, Valley Forge Park in PM, and played with Casey in afternoon . . .so today she seems to be in some pain and is doing a good deal of sleeping.

She continues to be such a good dog for the most part. She wakes consistently at 6:15am, and she is ready to play. Then she plays and passes out. Waking up early makes the day seem to start much better. I can still get in my exercise and when I am done it is not even 7am. Some days I do have to admit I wish she would sleep in, and DP try to get into a routine of who will get up with her. I guess once we know she is ok by herself we can just go back to bed, but she is so much fun in the AM that we want to play as well. We are looking into training for her, and have started to work on the clicker with her.

I seem to have more energy than I have noticed in the past. We were all walking last week and DP asked me to slow down. Now this has never happened, as usually I am the one poking around not walking fast. I like the new energy . . .
Then just as I was all jazzed up last week, I got my period. I haven't had it in about 6 months, so I know I shouldn't complain, but I will, for a second. It hurts, a lot. I don't know if that is normal, but maybe 6 months is too long. I think I will see the doc and see if BC pills are in order again. They raised my BP so much before that I came off them, but maybe there is something better now. The periods were regular for about 6 months, then they disappeared again. Oh well, it is mostly over now, so hopefully the energy will come back---AND the eating everything in sight will end!!!

Easter was really good. We went to my parents home, and brother
and family were there for Saturday. We celebrated Saturday as
they were leaving for Texas on Sunday. Little Tyke is staying here between both sets of grandparents for a few weeks until they get settled. He thought the puppy was great fun and wanted to walk her-A LOT! We put two leashes on her so he could hold one, and I the other. He is at such a fun age--makes it even harder to think about them being so far away.

On another really neat note--I decided the week before Easter that I was ready to forgive my brother--ready to let it all go and be something in my past. I said a prayer that it would feel right, and it has. I feel so much better about him and the future of our relationship. I know it doesn't change the lasting effects, and I trust they will dissipate as well in time. May not sound like a lot, but it is HUGE for me.
What else . . .work is fine. We found out that a grant we applied for has come through, so I am guaranteed a job now until at least the end of Feb. 2009. This has helped me to feel more settled, and I think the agency is seeing that the work I am doing is good and valuable. I also feel a bit more comfortable with some of them and that makes going to the office easier. I have been asked by another company for my resume, and yet another agency called me this week to ask me to consider a job. It is good to know that others like what I am doing, and I hope that in a time when I may need another job, that the same opportunities are present.
I have decided to finish my certification that would allow me to do school social work. I am one class and a seminar short of competing the work, but when I was offered an internship at CHOP I couldn't give that up to finish the hours needed for the school social work. So I will take on class in the fall and then have to do a weekend seminar. Then 375 hours of a school placement and then I will be finished. It would be nice to get a job on the school calendar and teacher pay scale . . .

I hope all is well in your corners. I will now be off to check out some blogs I haven't read in a while.

Oreo and her death defying stunts!

Look how close they are . . they are getting better . . .

While at my folks, she loved the dog bed, but often found herself in this predicament . . didn't seem to mind and one day slept there for close to 2 hours!!


JennyLucas said...

I am so grateful that you have been able to forgive your brother. It will do you so much good in the long run.

Lynilu said...

I was coming to your blog today to whine about you being MIA, and voila!! There you are!

Addie is a beautiful girl, and is obviously a good addition to your family. My days always go better when I rise early. Weird, isn't it?

I love Oreo's "trick"!!

Forgiveness is good for "clearing the air," and it "clears" the way for your own healing, too. I think you have to either forgive or get the other person out of your life. I'm glad you choice was this one, so you don't have blanks, holes in your life. :)

Jenster said...

Addie is so pretty!! I agree. An eventual play date is definitely in order. The vet thinks she has parvo, though, so we have to get her better first. I was hoping for Giardia (because she has a runny bottom, too) but she seems to be doing okay. OH, I can't wait to take Sookie to Valley Forge!!

That's great you have more energy! I wish I did. Sorry about the period, though. Blech.

I'm glad you're able to forgive your brother. I agree with everything Jenny and Lynilu said. (They're very smart.)