Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We have some breaking news to share with people. NO, we are NOT pregnant-but if we were--HOLY MIRACLE!

Nope! Not that. OK, so on Saturday we were volunteering for this great marathon training program for inner city kids that my agency sponsors (I need to interject here that we were not volunteering because we can actually RUN or anything, it was more like they needed bodies and we could do it. We specified that we could not run before we agreed) . We were SOAKED as it poured bucket Saturday. . .and I do mean soaked from the rain because it was down pouring when we left, and as previously mentioned, we do not run. Soaked and cold we stopped for soup and sandwiches for lunch, and then we thought we would mosey on over to the animal shelter across the street.

Now, DP and I should never go into those places. We got our beloved kitty there a few years back. See, we would take home almost every critter there is-well-there was this one funky looking dog that, no offense, we would NOT take home, and another that had a sign that said don't bother me . . . Alas, we go in and what do we see in the second to last cage???

A GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY!!! Yes, you read me right. There, before our eyes, was a beautiful 5 month old girl. We looked at each other and knew we needed to play with her. While waiting to play, we filled out an application thinking "what are the chances" given there are other people interested. When we finally did get to play, she was fun and gentle and oh so very cute. We decided that if it was meant to be, we would be called.

Now, I have to admit, the idea of getting a puppy now was not really on my mind. I am slow to warm up to new ideas, and the puppy coming over the summer is what I was planning on and I was right on course for accepting this new challenge. This is a whole new twist. We talked, and waffled, and sort of decided that we probably shouldn't get her. We thought DP's parents would think we were nuts---though it turns out they have gone MAD since they thought getting puppy 1 now and puppy 2 over the summer was a fantastic idea!! WTF???

To make a long story longer, we decide last night that we will go back today and visit said puppy and bring a toy to play with. Turns out she has runny bottom and cannot come out and play. We knew the other day that she was being cared for by the vet for a few things related to the condition in which she was found-which was extremely underweight and sick. We go back to talk with her and give her pets, and she is markedly more perky today. She is excited by the ball I brought, but we can't figure out how to get it in. I notice that I can slip out the food bowl and slip in the ball--I will do this even though I am probably not allowed. She is very excited and goes after the ball, and before you know it the ball escapes to the corner of the cage and down a drain . . .she is going nutso knowing there is a ball now that she can't get- that I shouldn't have given her. She will most likely lose her mind now and we will have to send her to doggy therapy, though maybe she is resilient and we won't have to go there.

We say our goodbyes and then go back to the front counter and ask if we can add something to our application, and the lady asks us our name, and then the guy standing back there says don't bother, as soon as she is well she is going home with you two---W H A T?????

He (turns out to be the manager) said that pending a vet check she would be going home with us. I was very excited, and scared shitless at the same time. I little 8lb cat is the largest 4 legged critter I have had to be responsible for, and she is very independent-though slightly neurotic.

Here's the deal-as soon as she starts pooping normally, she can come home to us. Now I am hoping this man has not said this to everyone, and I don't know why he would. We went to the store and bought a crate and bowls, and a few sturdy chew toys-oh, and nail clippers and shampoo. On another note, I bathe everything, even the guinea pigs, however, I am anticipating that bathing said puppy might be a bit more challenging. I can be challenged . . .

Now we wait. Wait for a call that she has stopped the runny bottom and that we can take her home. We had a name picked out for the new pup, but we are thinking that we can give this pup the name and think of another for new pup. We will go back to visit on Friday and take some pictures this time.

This is so exciting and nerve wracking, and OMGGGGG!!

Oh, and by the way I am really hyper tonight in case you couldn't tell that via this rambling blog post, but our kitty has taken to a new hobby. This would be jumping to the top of our closet door and walking along the VERY thin door. She doesn't stop there, nope, not our kitty. She then takes to the molding on TOP of the doorway. Yes, my friends, our kitty has done what I have NEVER seen a kitty do before. I will try and get pics to show you-it is breathtaking!

I need to wind down as it is almost bed time and I have a long day tomorrow.

I will let all 6 of you know IMMEDIATELY when we acquire said puppy!!! If you are the praying sort, pray for no runny bottom (are we allowed to ask god for that?)


DP of Beans said...

OK - this was a good post - I laughed out loud!!!

Yay for a puppy :) :)

AJ said...

How exciting! What will her name be?

Om, Om, no runny butt. Om. See, I woke up this morning having no idea that would be my mantra of the day.

beans said...


Her name will be Addie. He name now is Angel, but we always said our first dog would be Addie.

lol-love the mantra!! It must have worked!