Thursday, March 06, 2008

10 minutes with god . . and the bike

Ok, update. Our women's small group has been trying to keep each other accountable to reading the bible daily and praying. Last week I did this about 4 days.

I have also wanted to get into more of a routine with exercising. We have decided to give up our gym membership in preparation for having a puppy that we will need to walk-and the nicer weather-, and we'd become lax in using the facilities we were paying for . . .some of us more than others, but none the less I came up with the brilliant idea of not paying for the gym and getting an elliptical since that is what we mostly use at the gym anyways, and we already have a recumbent bike and some weights. We also live really close to a really quiet cemetery with big hills.

So, I had the idea this week to try and do at least 10 minutes each morning on the bike, and in that time I can pray and read the bible . . of course while riding and lifting my weights. Talk about multitasking. I did walk in the cemetery the other day when it was BEAUTIFUL out, but it has been inside for me the last few days. I think I feel more awake and alert, and this morning I hadn't even realized I exceeded my 10 minutes. Tomorrow I work from home and meet a special friend for coffee, but I will try and walk in the AM if nice out.

I know 10 minutes isn't a lot, but I figured I could work myself into a routine and then add time later. Now I am spending more time in the basement, which will be perfect for me when I finally start making use of the beanie space.

I did look at carpet remnants to put down, but I haven't found anything I like, and I have NO money. This getting smaller thing and needing new clothing is not working for me. I was going down the driveway the other day to collect the trash bin and I nearly lost my pants-and we live on a major road . . .this would NOT have been pretty for anyone involved. I am finally back to losing, so that is good. I am up to 16lbs.

Oh well. In other news, I feel completely conflicted about my voting choices, but that is a whole other post.

Oh, and guess who is going to see James Taylor AGAIN after she sees him for the first time, and this time in like the 2nd row??? Give up??? ME, and DP, and RHB. This is going to be one crazy summer!!! I think I might need a diaper . . .


Jenster said...

A diaper! *snort*

Hey! I'm that special friend!! Counting the hours now. :O)

I'm jealous about James Taylor. I waited too long to get tickets for him on the 1st and now there aren't any good seats left. Our 20th anniversary is on the 4th so I thought it would be a great celebration. Oh well...

See you in a bit!!

Jenn E. said...

Reading the Bible while doing your exercise! What a brilliant idea - maybe I should try it! I actually have been doing it since our meeting and it's been working out pretty well ... so far ... but it's only been two days :)

beans said...

Jenster- Oh, I am sad as well that you will not get to see JT. I have loved him for a while-I was introduced to him as a teen and love the sound of his voice.

Jenn-ok, now I remember that the reading the bible while exercising WAS your idea, so thank you. I was more so excited about the daily nature of my 10 minutes. I am glad you are doing it as well. I have found it is kind of hard to read whilst bouncing around-perhaps I need to learn to ride the bike more smoothly!

I am also realizing that there are far too many Jen's in my life . . . ;)

Jenster said...

There is no escaping the Jenns. Sorry.

Enjoyed coffee this afternoon!!

Lynilu said...

Hey, Beans, I have a piece of carpet you can have. Yeah, FREE!! When can you come get it? It's a nice, brand new remnant that I'd keep for future emergencies, but I have no room! Hey, I'll even feed you and let you sleep in the guest room when you come!! Can ya beat that?? :D

beans said...

Lyn-Um, thanks for the offer . . .but how in the HECK would I get to NM?? I will be in Michigan in May . . .is that close? And more importantly, would it fit in the overhead compartment?