Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quick check-in

This past week was very, very busy. I had a bunch of home visits, meetings, and extra curricular activities. Here's a few of the highlights:

1. Weekly weigh in- Lost another 2.1 lbs for a grand total of 12.1 lbs so far. I had a very NOT low carb day yesterday and tonight we are having pizza-you know, in honor of the superbowl.

2. I saw Avenue Q yesterday at the Forrest Theater in Philadelphia and it was fabulous. We saw it on Broadway a few years back and this was just as great!

3. Last night I saw Livingston Taylor . . .it was the neatest venue and a really great concert. Thanks RHB for inviting me!!

3a. I co-facilitate a sibling group for kids who have special needs siblings and this week I planned and ran the group. It went really, really well and I felt good about what I had done and how the kids responded.

4. This week we have a crazy busy week. I have a few trainings at work, and lots of new referrals. We are also doing respite care for our friend M. for the next three days. Should be a quick week . ..

5. Finally took down the Christmas decorations today . . .tree is still up, but that is our halftime project.

OK, I gotta run since the game is starting in 17 minutes!! Hope all is well in your corners!


Frank Chiapperino said...

Found your blog while I was watching the game! Great stuff. I saw an article on Avenue Q, you will have to find me on a Sunday and tell me about it.

Rebecky said...

Yesterday was so, so fun! I'm so glad you came :-) It was like the good old days, only better. See you soon.

Tom said...

We just took down our tree as well... life gets too hectic sometimes. And I've enjoyed Livingston Taylor's music too... hope your team won.

Lynilu said...

Good steady progress on the weight! Stay the course!! :D

Jenster said...

1. Great about the weight loss! I wish I was losing some weight instead of putting it on. Surely it has nothing to do with the donut and cinnamon roll I had this morning.

2. Lucky you! I've heard great things about this.

3. Where did you see it him? I've also heard good things about him, but I haven't actually heard him. lol

3a. You're amazing. Did you know that??

4. Hope you've survived your week.

5. Goodonya!! But if you just kept it up then you wouldn't have to do anything next December!