Sunday, February 17, 2008



OK, for those of you that thought I had succumbed to the dark side, I would like to reassure you that I am ok. Things have been busy the last few days, but I had a good weekend and I am looking forward to my week. I have a light week ahead, a trip to the dentist (which I am SOOO looking forward to . .an aside, I've gone to the dentist every six months for like the last 30 years, and because of the job switch it has been longer and I need clean teeth, I need them NOW), getting our taxes done, and finally, a visit from a certified arborist. What could be better?

I will write more soon. I promise. Off to bed. Tonights dinner was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I feel slightly ill. DP, who has been a bad influence on me the last few days, has promised we are back on the bandwagon tomorrow. I am so easily swayed . .

Hope all of you are well.


I recognize that I am an adult and have made my own decisions about what I do or do not eat, and therefore should not blame others for what I do or do not do. It is not fair of me to blame others, and for that I apologize!


Lynilu said...

Now, now, now! You're a big girl and make your choices! :D But you know that an occasional moment off the low carb wagon won't be any serious damage, anyway, so don't sweat it.

Rats, you reminded me I need a cleaning. Like you I no longer have dental coverage, and I tend to put it off. OK, OK, I'll make an appointment. sighhhhhh.

Caroline said...

HI!! Lynilu sent me an email last night and I will be emailing you later tonight.

Hope you are having a great Monday.

Jenster said...

Oh please!! I always blame everyone but myself for what I eat. Like the Ben & Jerry's Vermonty Python I'm currently sucking down. Katie wanted to stop at Wawa last night for something or other and I just walked by the freezer. They never have Vermonty Python, but when I saw some last night I thought I'd better buy it. And it was Katie's fault for wanting to stop there.

So see. It's perfectly natural to blame others. :o)

Glad things are on the upswing and I'm looking forward to coffee later in the week!