Friday, January 04, 2008

How we gonna pay ..

Guess who's going to see RENT tomorrow??? OK, give up??

I am!!! I am very excited. RHB got me tickets for my birthday and she and I will going into town tomorrow and see it at the Academy of Music. I have seen this show 7 times now I think (3 times with RHB), and each time I walk away with a new appreciation for life, the challenges if it, and the wonder and magic of friends and loved ones.

If you have never seen it, you should. I also have the movie and that was a pretty good adaptation of the play, and even starred most of the original Broadway cast.

Things here are going well. I think I am beyond the withdrawal of carbs and sugar, and I am now feeling really good. We had a fabulous dinner tonight of Alice Springs Chicken and caesar salad from Outback. That place is great for low carbing. We went for a walk yesterday in the cemetery and then we went and visited a local dog park to check it out-you know you can never be too prepared! There were a ton of dogs and we are just longing for the day we have a woofy to bring there and play. I thought it was funny-throughout the park they have scoopers and signs that have funny little sayings on them about picking up poop and such. Oh I simply cannot wait!!

We also recently saw the Great Debaters. It was a fabulous movie and I highly recommend it. I also really like Denzel Washington and have seen most of his movies.

OK, off to bed. I have 3 home visits tomorrow before going to pick up RHB for our date!!!

Hope all is well-Hi to the new visitors here--Tom and Lynilu!! Nice to have some new-and increased readership. Hang on, and enjoy the ride!


Tom said...

Hope the 8th viewing of RENT was as good as the 1st! And The Great Debaters is on my list of films to see...

Thanks for the mention on your site, too. :)

Jenster said...

I'm JEALOUS on so many levels!!

First - you get to see Rent. AGAIN!

Second - you get to go to my most favoritist theater EVER!

Third - you had my most favoritist dinner at Outback last night. Did you have wine with it?? Just asking.

(Hi Tom! Hi Lynilu!)

Lynilu said...

Great Debaters is on my list of movies to see. Denzel Washington is an amazing actor, and it looks so good! I suspect it is one that I'll want to have on DVD to watch more than once.

What kind of 4-legger do you plan to add to your family? I can't imagine life without my babies, and the obvious fact of their aging is difficult for me. But I'll do it again, even so, because they are such wonderful companions. Good luck!!