Friday, November 30, 2007

I really hate it when . . .

you are shopping at the mall and the various vendors in the middle try and attack you with their product. Just today while in the mall--WHICH by the way was a HUGE accomplishment since I HATE shopping, especially at the mall.

Well, on a slight diversion, the big JC and I have an understanding around this time that if I am meant to be shopping at the mall, a perfect parking space will appear. So today while pulling into the parking lot at a large nearby mall, the first spot in the row closest to the entrance was free. I took that as a sign and parked the car.

OK, so back to all the things I was accosted by today:

1-little lady who wanted to curl my hair--ok, how many icky people's hair has she curled with the same thing she is brandishing at me? Does she not know I have OCD and I am sure she is not super sterilizing in between victims.

2-then after that I was chased by the lady that wanted to give me fake ponytails. I guess the curl job wasn't enough and she thought clearly I needed MORE hair to make me beautiful.

3-then there was the man who came at me with a heated thing he wanted to put around my neck. HELLO, I have spacial issues and I did NOT want people putting things on me while I am braving the big scary mall.

4-finally there was the lady selling the fake animals--if you haven't seen them they are quite the sight. They are fake pets that look like they are breathing . . .or they look like something that should be in a chucky movie.

I wish I had something that I could attack them with when they come near me. When I am in the mall with the DP I make her walk on their side . .

Sheesh . . .attention mall people . . .BACK THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!

OK, I feel better now!!

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