Monday, November 26, 2007


Today was a very cold, rainy, and yucky day. I am supposed to be going out soon to see Rob Bell, and all I can think about is curling up with my blanket and sleeping.

I know this blog is getting boring, and I apologize for that. The NaBloPoMo challenge is winding down . . .and I am running out of things to say that are exciting. I know some other blogs are doing audience participation-the readers are asking questions. Problem is, I don't have that many readers.

HOWEVER, for those that may be reading, feel free to send a question my way if you have one and I will answer.


Rob Bell was fantastic!! I am so glad that we went and saw him. I can't believe how he can bring stories to life and have you sit there, captivated, for 2 hours. That's talent and I am glad he shares it with the rest of us.


Jenster said...

I'm so glad he was worth seeing in person. How many ended up going?

beans said...

there were five us. 4 women and a lone, brave man!! It was great, really great We were saying last night that if the tour comes out on video it would be worth having for the church.

Jenster said...