Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Round-up

We had a good weekend here!! DP and I went to get our pumpkins this weekend . . .I wish I could say we rummaged through the field and grabbed the most perfect ones-but we went to a place that has them already picked and somewhat sorted by size. We picked two each, and then one for the Cat and guinea pigs . . we will decorate said pumpkins on Wednesday. I think the cat should decorate her own, but that could prove messy!

The we went on a hayride . . .it was nice. They had two hayrides going at one-one for the little kids that went past a witches house where the witch told a story. Then there was the other one. There were 6 couples on our hayride and it was fun. We were deposited at a bonfire where we got cider and roasted marshmallows. FUN!!

Though I have to say, I had a moment where I was kinda pissed off at our world. I wanted to be holding DP's hand and being close like the other couples, but clearly it was not the time or place. I told her I wished we could move to P-Town and she reminded me we looked into this already and we would only be able to afford a speck of sand in P-Town-if that!!

Then we went shopping to buy some cooler weather staples. I have lost about 20 lbs since last winter and in looking through my clothes it was evident that I needed some new digs. I still don't know what kind of attire I should be wearing in this new job, but for now I am sticking with khakis and shirts. I found that I had a large number of dressy pants that I had accumulated over the years that I kept even though they did not fit. So now I can wear them. YEAH!!

DP took a class this weekend-she is attempting to take more classes to move her up on the teacher's payscale!! GO beanie, go!! Show us the money. I also went to a social work seminar with this guy who works with children who have been involved in or who have witnessed traumatic events-like murders, violence, etc. It was weird-while I could NEVER do that kind of social work, I was fascinated by what he got to do and how he did it. It was like social work meets CSI/Law and Order. I am so glad there are people out there who can work with people in ways that I can't . . .I suppose that is what makes the world go round-or keeps it from bouncing all around at least!!

The rest of the work week went well. I have decided to nix taking the subway after I get into the city. So now I am walking the 10 blocks each way from the train to the office. I am finding it somewhat relaxing . . it would be even better if I didn't sweat so much-even when it is cold out I sweat. Oh well. I was sore by weeks end-mostly from my shoulder-I need to reduce how much I am carrying in my bag . . .I suspect it will get easier. I have to say though, I would rather lift weights for hours than to walk . . I don't like it. I think my alignment is all out of whack and it is not the most comfortable thing to do.

This week I have at least two visits that I will make on my own, and I have the orientation for new employees. That should be fun. I got to work from home on Friday, and my task was to re-do all the forms that they created last year. This is a FANTASTIC task for me since I love LOVE making forms!! I finished all but one of them, and that is because I am not sure of the purpose of the last remaining form . . .Oh well.

Next weekend we will go to see my brother and family-- and my mother, father, and other brother will be there. It will be nice to spend some time with the peanut (the nephew). I can't believe how much he has grown. We spent much more time with him when he was younger, and much less recently. They finally sent the neurotic live in mother-in-law packing and put him in daycare (now that is a whole other entry!!). He really needed it though, because at 3 1/2 he doesn't have great socialization skills. They reported that he has done well in the two weeks he has been there, and even told them he wanted to stay when they went to pick him up on the first day!!

Hope your weekends were just as productive!!

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