Thursday, April 12, 2007

Guess what??

I called the place that contacted me about a position and it sounds AWESOME!! I set up an interview for Monday, so I will be *cough cough* sick!!

The position is for a social worker for an early intervention autism program that has 4 autistic support classrooms, and basically I would be the social worker for those classrooms. I would get to work closely with the kids, teacher, and families. It sounds ideal. The day is 8-3:15, with a once or possibly twice a month evening meeting with families.

The only drawback are that I would have to travel further than I would like--though I could take public trans, and that was sorta fun when I did it last year--nice to veg out while listening to music or reading the paper.

There is also a city wage tax, which is somewhat steep. And the salary that the current social worker has is much less than what I could accept, and I am also licensed--so hopefully the pay would be adjusted accordingly.

The woman who passed along my information is meeting with the head honcho lady on Monday right before I do, so she is going to take my resume and tell her how wonderful I am **big cheesy grin**.

I am excited. Talking to my therapist today, she said my current work situations sounds much like a very dysfunctional family, and while I have much experience with that, I choose not to live like that anymore. Even if this job doesn't pan out, I think I will continue to look.


mcewen said...

I'm confident that they'll welcome you with open arms.
Best wishes

Jennifer said...

Good luck, I hope this job works out for you.