Saturday, September 16, 2006

For the love of GOD . . .

OK, so I'm walking to the car after watching kids tonight--it is dark, and I feel something squishy under my feet and on my toes. I think, "Oh, maybe it is just mud." Get in the car and notice the smell of DOG POOPY!!! I get out and look-it's all over my sandal and toe.

Now not only is it on my sandals and foot, but it is now on the carpet of my car.

Why the god damned hell can't people pick up their dog poopy? I love dogs, but we're not out in the middle of nowhere where your dog's poop can fertilize the grass.

GRRR--sorry, I had to get that off my chest . . .I feel better now :-)

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CD & SP said...

i'm totally guilty of not picking up my dog's poopies--but i only let him go in places that are sooo not in people's footpaths, i swear!!