Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Back" home . . .

I am home from my conference and all went well. I am so glad to be home and back with my own things and my own bed--and of course my DP whom I missed dearly.

I realized on my journey that I am not a conference going kind of gal. I don't enjoy all the people all the time, I did not enjoy the accommodations (though they could have been much worse), and the food is just too much to manage since I eat the same things pretty much daily with minor variations. And what is with the CONSTANT barrage of carbohydrates--nothing but death on a plate all week.

Then I wake up on Saturday and my back, which was only slightly ache all week, was now completely out of whack. I have two pretty significant herniations in my lower back which cause great pain when they want to be wonky. I have been reminded by my lovely DP that incidences of back pain used to last for much longer and happen much more frequently in the past. I know this, yet it still sucks to be in this much pain. We were supposed to go kayaking again today, but clearly that didn't happen since I could barely walk upright. The docs say they can't do anything until I lose weight, yet they fail to see that is not an easy task. So I find myself in a catch-22 situation.

We did join a gym this weekend though, so I am hoping that will help. I am definitely a "motivated by other people" kind of exerciser. Plus I like going into the gym and showing people that larger people are not lazy fat asses that sit around and do nothing . . .My own battle for the cause. (that reminds me, I must post later about the search for a bra sufficient enough to keep the girls in line while working out-grr :) I did not do much except the bike and the cross trainer, but since my back hurt that was all I could manage. We have some sessions with a personal trainer as well, so I am looking forward to seeing what he can come up with. Although I have been told I am being put with the trainer in charge since I am an orthopedic nightmare when it comes to what things I have broken, dislocated, had surgery on, and am in pain from. He is supposed to be qualified enough to handle me . . .

Then, for some more fun, last night after seeing a movie (Barnyard--very funny!!) and going out to a GOD AWFUL restaurant, I end up becoming very nauseous on the way home and barely made it to the toilet to throw up. I am not sure if it was the awful food, or all the pain meds, or maybe all of that. But I went t bed shortly after that and slept most of today away.

Back to work tomorrow. I am hoping that being away for a week has afforded me lots to catch up on. I WAS able to make some great connections while at the conference with some folks who work at the same place and maybe something new and exciting will be on the horizon. We'll see.

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Sarah said...

Kick butt at the gym!

I think I'm the only overweight person at my gym. I wonder if the people there wonder what my problem is.

It's kind of fun to frighten the skinny girls and some of the skinny guys when I can lift more than they can.