Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Starting new?

So, I am giving this blog thing a try . . .we will see how it goes. I hope maybe it will give me some more immediate insight into where I am-exactly where I am at this point in time. I am on a journey to give up the fantasy life and create more energy and space for the life I have NOW!

Wish me luck!


detox said...

Hi and congrats to your new home on the web.

I just happened to see your blog updated while doing some renovations on my blog and thought I'd say hello.

While my blog on blogger.com is solely abouth (physical) health and weight loss, I do keep a personal one somewhere else, dealing with the catastrophes in my life and mental health. I re-read the whole thing which I started in 2004 in one of the worst phases of my lifes (and I've had my share, just like you). Just re-reading it has made me feel sick (and angry at myself and the world), but at the same time I can see a progress, it has helped me to realize how much has changed, what has changed and what hasn't and has to be done.

So, I wish you luck and I am sure a blog will help you to understand your life better and get a grip on some things.

beans said...

Thanks detox-I appreciate your support and encouragement!

I have done the rereading thing with my paper journals and I really understand how easy it is to look back and be judgemental. Life was in a different place then-be gentle with yourself. Glad to have you around!