Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Just blah

Wish I had more exciting things to say these days . . .just feeling rather blah. The Christmas spirit seems to have worn off and we have only just begun. I know it will return, but until then I am just hanging in there.

We got a visit from the police today . ..apparently someone called twice today saying the dogs (though more than likely it was Addie!) were barking excessively . . .it irritates me when folks call anonymously instead of coming to the people and talking to them. We had gone to both our neighbors and said if they were barking to let us know. Obviously they are in the outdoor kennel all day, so we don't know what they do. It just makes me mad-mostly because I wish we didn't have to leave them so long, and I wish that we could walk them more, and I wish that we had better control over their behaviors. I know I am awfully whiny, but this is my blog and I can whine if I want to.

Work is work. I forgot how much it sucked to want snow so badly, but then remember that you work at a residential facility that doesn't shut down in the snow. They expect you to be there--even though my day to day job is not direct care, I am still expected to be there. So while DP wishes for snow days, I don't. Wonder if our wishes cancel each other out?

Well, that's about all I will torture you with.

OHHH, wait. I have one more thing to say about work in general. It really gets to me when folks think that just because I am a social worker that I can somehow save the flippin world and fix everyone's problems. I am only human people and just because you come to me with a problem does NOT mean I can fix it. Also, don't be surprised if I ask you to participate in the solution!! Everyone wants stuff done, but doesn't want to do what is needed to actually fix problems. ok, really done now!


K J and the kids said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time.
sending lots of Christmas spirit ! :)

Lynilu said...

Oh, amen on that last paragraph. I found that even some family members have high expectations. Fooled them!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I hear you about being a Social Worker. It is like we have magic wands hidden in our pockets. If they only knew. This goes to teachers, friends, family, strangers and on and on. Sometimes I hate telling people what I do, for that very reason. Yet, for some reason, they always seem to find me and I end up listening to someone's problems (cashier, waitress, neighbor, etch), my daughters get so frustrated. What is funny is I'm so social phobic. I hate parties, I hate being with large groups, I just like small groups of friends, or with being with people I trust. My husband can never figure out how I went into Social Work, when I'm so, afraid to be social!!!!!LOL

Sorry about the dogs! I agree, that I wish people would come to you directly if they had a problem, instead of calling the Dog Control. Can you put them in Doggie Day Care? They have a bunch of them around here. Don't know the price, but it would be less, if the neighbors keep calling and you start getting fined. Just a thought.

Hope the Christmas spirit hits you, soon, with full force.

tommy said...

I'm sorry you are/wore having a random rough patch. I so feel you on the lack of Christmas spirit. You know it's going to come, but you don't give a crap when or how...you just grit your teeth and bear it in the mean time.

Since I'm a little late in reading this, I hope things are at this point...looking up for you :) I'm not a social worker, I work in a warehouse, lol...but I do hair as well... I get tired of people coming to me with pictures of beyonce wanting to look like her when what they have to work with is more of an Weird Al Yankovich quality... thats why i dont do hair full time anymore, lol