Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vote for my friend if you would . . .

Hey there folks-

If you have a second, please vote for my friend and her husband's photography business. They are in the run to win a Best of Philly award . . . You do'nt need to live in the area to vote. Check it out below:

Weld Photography http://www.weldphotography.us/ has been nominated as Best of Philly at
My Fox Philly Hotlist. We are in 6th place out of 187 photographers.
It only takes a minute to vote and is super easy. To vote go to: http://myfoxphilly.cityvoter.com/weld-photography/biz/406714
One vote per e-mail address. Pass on the link to anyone you might know
that would take a sec to help out our company.


Lynilu said...

I voted for them! I love the wedding pic with the bride in flip-flops and the groom in the kilt! And the mom holding the fussy baby, too. Cool photos all around, and the fine art is so down my alley!! I hope they win!

K J and the kids said...