Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brain hurts

My brain is so full that it feels like it is about to burst and roll off of my body. A ton going on lately and I am trying to stay afloat . . .

Busy time at work--graduation was last week and it is my job to make sure that everyone has a place to go after graduation and it was down to the wire.

It has also been raining-like every day for the last two months I think . . .it gets old after a while and I am ready for some nice weather...the only good thing is that we haven't had to use the air conditioner yet this year and that is great!

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Cheryl said...

Feel better sweetie. I have been thinking about you, so much! I have been having major headaches, all week, due to the weather pressure changes. So hard to stay one step ahead of them.
I hope your weekend is wonderful and you get to relax and do something special.