Saturday, May 30, 2009

So much going on

1. Went to my first prom--at work they have a prom for the kids. this one guy who is such a mess-i mean his family is a mess, involved with the local children and youth . .i am working so hard with them to get them in home help--he is a day student--well, dad said they weren't coming because they didn't have transportation . . .i vowed to find a way next year to get him there . . .wouldn't you know about 45 minutes in he shows up with his whole family . . .I just about cried. if i wasn't in a room full of people i think i might have. the resilience of families amazes me sometimes. now, if he misses the evaluation i set up for him on Friday again, i might have to go postal . . .

2. Meeting Miss Daily this week and am very excited . . .

3. Got season passes to local water park by my folks . . .I think my mom is sucking up as she is being very nice and I know this sounds weird, but it feels kinda uncomfortable . . .not sure what to do with that.

4. Therapy is kicking my ass. not much more to say other than the fact that sitting still is harder than i ever could have imagined. the journaling thing has been going well and she is being much more strict with me and not letting me get away with shit. good stuff.

5. work changed out insurance coverage and i am afraid i will not qualify as seriously mentally ill anymore--not that this would be bad, but the amount of visits you get with the therapist if you are normal is not a lot. i used to qualify no problem for SMI but we are worried they might question how SMI i could be and not take any meds . . .

6. will have to decide in a few weeks with my doc if i need to take blood pressure medication which is such a bummer for me. she said that even though i was getting healthier, the fact remains that everyone in my family has high BP and it just may be a genetic thing. frustrating though when you are finally on the right track and losing weight.

7. I am up to 20.8 lbs lost . . .this week i think period is coming and i have been a bottomless pit today, but i am trying to be ok with that. got a fancy schmancy pedometer which keeps me motivated!

8. Everything is in the garden now, though something has scurried away with the tops of three of our tomato plants and two whole pepper plants . . .i am pissed . . .don't mess with me and my garden damn it!

9. KAYAKING tomorrow and I am so damn excited I can hardly stand it!!

How is everyone???


Daisy said...

Can't wait to meet you and Jenn!

I'm on blood pressure medicine to control my blood pressure. Man has high blood pressure and even with medication it is still high. Scary. He has an appt. with his dr. on Monday. I'm hoping the doctor gives him something to get it under control. Good luck with the blood pressure and medication.

Lynilu said...

Beans, darlin', take a "declassification" as a good thing. It gives you a chance to prove to everyone, especially yourself, that you are growing stronger! Run with it, if that is what happens, and embrace it. Your sweet DP will keep her eyes out for you, and let you know if it isn't working as it should.

The weight .... incredible! Good for you! I'm very impressed with your dedication. :)

And I'm incredibly jealous that you are getting together with Daisy and Man! First Patti, now you! Why not me??? Oh, yeah, that's right, I live nearly 2000 miles away. sighhh. You guys have lost of fun, OK? :)

CailinMarie said...

kayaking sounds lovely!
excellent on the weight loss - if a stanger is aloud to say that - it is no easy feat and good for you
insurance is such a pain and so is medicine - surely if we are getting BETTER than our benfits shouldn't be slashed from us? the whole thing is such a mess.

beans said...

Daisy--Yeah, I still do'nt know. I have had it taken at work a few times and it isn't nearly as high as it had been with her in the office . . .

Lyn-I know being declassified isn't bad . . .I just can't see how less therapy right now would be good . . .it's not like I am very far from where I was and it doesn't make sense that I would not have that support right now . . .The weight loss has been great, though I am quite plateaued right now. Need to exercise and stop eating fried oreos!

Cailin!--Welcome to my madness! Thanks for your comments . . .Kayaking was indeed fun!! Yeah, I am so incredibly blessed to have insurance, but we have a sucky system here in the US and it never really makes much sense to me why they do what they do. I have my visits for now up to 20, and then we will see where I am. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back!