Thursday, April 30, 2009

What fascinates you?

Ok, back again. Damn facebook for killing my blog . . .Oh well, it is what it is. But I am here to pose this question to you . . .

This came about as I was at a training this week and there were two sign language interpreters. Now when there are interpreters present, I am hard pressed to actually pay attention to what I am supposed to be paying attention to. I am not sure when I became so enthralled by the moving hands, the mouthing of words, the seemingly secret club they were all in. The one the other day even winked a number of times. I wanted to be in the club and I could only watch and pretend I knew what they were expressing.

I have thought in the past that I should utilize this fascination for good and take a class or something, but alas I am limited by the few signs I know.

The same could be said for the guitar. I could watch someone play the guitar for hours . . .and I even bought one from my friend and vowed that I would take lessons from her once I finished graduate school. I bought a dvd and a book for dummies or something. You think I ever did anything with that?

I wonder what gets in our way of following through with the things we'd most like to. Maybe it is lack of time, fear of failure, not being able to do it well enough. Well, maybe one day I will sign up for a class or two . . .

What about you?


Lynilu said...

Yeah, sure, blame it on facebook, when truth be known, it's all your own fault! I know how to solve that .... just retire!

I was kinda like you with the guitar. I could actually play passably, but I couldn't make myself stick to it. My hands are small, and it was just too much of a "chore" to make the reaches necessary to be better than passable.

My friend, Linda, knows that about me, too, and she pushes me into things and then drags me through them. I'm glad she does!

Daisy said...

I know how addicting FaceBook is. Ever since my daughter was out of control on FaceBook, I have not been on much. She still is not talking to me.

Cheryl said...

I've been a neglectful blogger lately, but I owe mine to a laptop that keeps crashing. I think last night, it finally burned out. I have to steal my daughter's mac, when she is sleeping because she does not like anyone to touch it (not even the mother who bought it for her). I digress...

I have always wanted to learn how to knit. I have terrible fine motor skills, if you saw my handwriting you would understand. Lately I have been looking for a knitting class around here, think I found one. I think what holds me back is time and the fear of starting something new and not being able to do it.
I need a major push! This post may be it.

Have a great weekend.

beans said...

Lyn-I wish I could retire. I think I could be VERY ready!! I wonder if that was my issue with the guitar as well . .I have been told I have small hands and that may be a problem . .takes more work and time to make it happen. It is always good to have friends that can gentle lead you out of your comfort zone!

Daisy-Sorry that things with your daughter are still on the fritz. Facebook is good . .and bad I think. I like being able to do short snippets and keep up with more people, but then you still lose the intimacy of getting to know people better.

Cheryl-- Knitting classes would be fun! My MIL taught me how to, and I started to make a few things which all ended up being cat beds as I wasn't sure what to do once I had a long string of a thing going. I am in awe of my SIL who can knit all sorts of things. I say find a class and go . . even if only to escape for a little bit. Doesn't have to be perfect to be fun and rewarding!