Friday, April 10, 2009

Addie's Corner-Episode 7

This is me . . .playing with a ball. The moms have been taking us to see our friend Buergi and he and his dad have a HUGE backyard that we can run in. Riley seems to think he can outrun me, but that whippersnapper has another thing coming. I usually can run faster than him, but I am not interested in the ball once I get there. This makes the moms mad cause then they have to go get the balls. It's awfully funny!

This is my kid brother Riley--though he has gotten MUCH bigger than when I last had to talk about him. He weighs more than me, and people refer to him as the bigger one. Whatever . . . I have to admit, he is quite handsome. He was even asked to be photographed for a calendar that our local favorite pet store is making. His birthday is coming up next month. He'll be one year old! Right now he is a hunger strike . . .don't know why. He's clearly not so smart to go without food. I always approach each meal as if I haven't eaten in a hundred years!!! I would NEVER skip a meal!

Here's all of us-the three puppy-teers. Riley, Addie, and Buergi laying in the grass. We were all pooped after so much running after the balls and chasing each other. Buergi was in love with Princess, and kept following her around. He didn't know or care that she was old enough to be his grandmother . . .oh well. We accept all kinds around here.

This is our cousin Princess, and how she looked when she would run to the fence waiting for her mommy, daddy, and brother to come back from TX. She was very silly-and sometimes really crazy. So much so that the moms had to resort to herbal supplements. They were called "Quiet Moments" and boy did they help. She got it at night in her food and she was instantly a different puppy. Grammy says that she seems awfully depressed now that she is back home with them. She keeps threatening to send her back here . ..I might need the herbs if THAT happens.

Just me and Riley snuggling! We can really ham it up when we need to!

Riley really liked the snow. Here he is with his bowling pin that quacks. He loves that damn thing, but I have to say that at 6:30 in the morning, I am sure the last thing the neighbors want to hear is quacking. But he carries that thing around like a baby . . .The snow was great fun, though the quacker did NOT quack when it was full of snow.

This is me . . .again. Aren't I beautiful? I just loved the snow, and pretended that I was a snow plow by using my nose. This is what I looked like while I was playing in the snow. I also liked to eat it, though moms kept reminding me to not eat the yellow snow . . .and I kept reminding them that I eat my own poop . . .what's a little yellow snow among friends?

By far the best news I have to share is that with mom's new job, I get to go to work with her a few times a week. I have this really tall boy who comes to walk me . .though sometimes I get scared because he makes funny noises. He doesn't talk, but he's nice enough to take me for a walk twice a day. I also get to visit the classrooms. I have a few that love me very much, and they keep threatening to take me home. This makes me scared and sometimes I get my Ewok ears on. Once classroom even takes me outside with them when they go to gym class. I like to go out for gym, not stay inside. I had to pee in my pants once when I was so scared of the gym. I hope they don't take me there again. It is fun to go to work--I even have a bed there for me. AAhh, the dog's life is for me.

Well, I guess that's it. My paws are getting tired from all this typing. Maybe mom will let me write more often so I don't have to type so much at once. We'll see.

WOOF! Oh, and licks to all the pups out there . . .Lyn's pack especially. That lady is one crazy dog lady . . .we'd have so much fun if she ever came to visit. We could round up Sookie and the others and have a grand ole time!


Cheryl said...

What a great life you and your friends have! So much fun and you are all so loved! I can see why the local pet shop wants you to model for them, as you are BEAUTIFUL! Actually, all of the dogs are.
I'm so glad you get to go to work with mom. It is so good for the children and the adults. We use to be able to do that in my school district, but a few years ago they made a rule that no animals can be in the buildings. They were afraid of allergic reactions. It was a sad day for us, as the dogs were so much fun and theraputic.

Have a great night. Cuddle up!
Thanks so much for today!


Lynilu said...

Now, Addie. I love ya, darlin', but you need to watch what you're calling me! You know, respect for your elders, and all that stuff. But I guess it isn't any worse than what my kids call me at times.

I think you and Riley are both just beautiful! A long, long time ago, I had a beautiful German Shepherd, too, and I know what cool dogs you guys can be. My guys are wee little, compared to you. They all weigh between 10 & 15 pounds. Can you imagine that??

Addie, I'm glad you have come back to keep us updated. Don't stay away long, now!