Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I should come back

To blogging that is. Things have been very busy . . .and to top it off we lost another student today . . he died on campus and it was really very traumatic for everyone. I knew this guy, so it made it that much harder. Spent most of my day talking to staff and informing them and then families. Makes no sense at all . ..two otherwise healthy boys in the last month dying . . .the one died while at home, but this guys dad asked rather suggestively "haven't you had someone else die recently" sort of implying we are in the business of killing people . . .we told him the other one died at home and somehow he was comforted by that.

Though someone I know and love and work with on Facebook today wrote "Heaven is a very different place tonight :) " while I wrote "today sucked . . big time . . "

I guess it is all in your perspective--though I wished I could have more of her perspective.


Lynilu said...

Come back, little Beansie, come back!

I do miss your posts.

About the different perspectives on death .... it is not easy, I know that. But after as many losses as I've had, I've become more philosophical about it. While the loss is painful for me (or others left here), I usually consider that the person we've lost is probably at peace, without pain, without turmoil. It certainly helps me to accept it. It's not perfect, but it's better than when I totally mourned. I hope you can find a place that give you more comfort, too. :')

Jenster said...

I think both perspectives are right. Happy for the child and for God; so very sad for everybody else who knew and loves him.

Daisy said...