Friday, January 16, 2009

Change is in the air!

Much change is coming my way . . .from a job, to having to give up my active dislike of G.W, to welcoming a new president . . .I can hardly contain myself.

I officially end my job in the city today. I have finished with clients, and today I really only have a celebratory lunch, and changing of phone messages to say I am gone. It is all so very bittersweet as I have loved 90% of what I have been doing. I will miss the flexibility, the freedom, the families, and the connections I have made with other social workers. There is nothing like being in the presence of other social workers that know first hand what the work is about. It is not that others don't understand, but the feel and support of other social workers is amazing. The 8-4 life will be mine from now on . . .this will be a hard adjustment. Mostly for the puppies. . . yeah, for them really.

They haven't told me anything really about what the contractor role will be, so I don't know much about that. I start the new job on Tuesday--though I wish I could call out sick. I am sure they will not be watching the inauguration, so I am taping it on CNN and NBC. The energy around this change is palpable, and I am excited to see what America can become again. I am expecting that it will get worse before better, but I am ok with that.

I didn't watch any of W.'s speech last night . . .I also can't get the anti-Bush paraphernalia off my car . .they have been on there for over 5 years . . .good thing I need a new car by summer.

The new job has already started--and I realize I will need to be able to set limits, take criticism, and be more vocal about my ideas. All things that are very challenging for me. The awesome things is that therapy has been great lately, and we have been working on all of this. Now I just need to put things into perspective and not continue to feel like i need to do it perfectly.

Ok, ADD moment-I am watching TV while posting--I get so freaking emotional when watching the Bigg
est L*ser and there's the one person who is coming in dead last . . .and inevitably they all go out and help that person finish. . .way to help the fat kid. I wish I had someone to help me cross the finish line . . .

In other news--Riley has been very sick, though I think he has a bit more pep in his step today. After the kennel debacle, he had to go to the vet and was diagnosed with giardia, kennel cough, and eye funk. Over $300 later, he seems to be on the mend. This has officially become the most expensive vacation we have ever had!! I sure do love that little fellow though, and even though it's a lot of money, his face was pathetic. I know many of you have seen this picture already, but just for more sympathy, here is is again:

Until next time, I hope you are all staying warm out there!


Lynilu said...

What an exciting time in your life .... new job, new prez, pending new car, and newly revitalized pup! New is good!!

Re the job: leaving is, indeed, bittersweet, even when leaving behind a bad situation; so when it is a job you love, it is even more difficult. And beginning a new job with unfamiliar tasks is intimidating, but .... BUT it can be really revitalizing at the same time. It is so easy in our field to become overwhelmed and shut down. I used to dislike facing new things, but after some time I began to welcome changes because they kept me challenged and alive. Obviously, that is extending into my retirement years!! LOL!

Jenster said...

So many exciting things going on!! And you're just the girl to rock it!!

Poor little Riley...

Cheryl said...

Wow, lots of changing going on for you and the country. I know that they will all be for the better.

I know how hard it is to leave a job behind, but the one thing I learned this year was how change is good. I'm confident you will see this.

So sorry about Riley. I hope all is well now. Ouch, for the Vet Bill, but it is so worth it.

Keep us posted!!!

Daisy said...

Have you tried "Goof Off" (No pun intended!!!)to get the anti-Bush stickers off your car? You can get it at Home Depot. It works really well.

Glad to hear Riley is on the mend.

beans said...

Lyn--Yes, things are very exciting! I finished the majority of my in service/orientation today. I can now save your life and bandage your wounds should you need. It seems that many folks are very excited about me being back, and so that feels good. I already have a pile of stuff to be doing, and I am on the ground running. Thanks for all the encouragement.

Jen--Yes, Riley sure was sad. He is feeling much better these days! I will rock it darn it! I will!

Cheryl--I know you have had a very good experience with change, and that is encouraging! I know that new jobs and things come with trepidation, but I also know that for the most part I have made good decisions and therefore things will turn out ok. The good thing about the vet bill, was they told us we could price match the meds, and we found a price online for the really expensive meds that was 75% cheaper. So we got our money back! Whoo hoo!

Daisy--> I had to LAUGH so loud when I read your reply--which wasn't good since I was secretly checking my email during orientation. I haven't tried that. it is not that there are sticky remains, they are just baked on! We have some of that stuff, and I should try!