Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How Facebook has taken over my life

I am not sure who started me on it, but damn that fool who thought I could be responsible and not abuse the privilege of seeing into the lives of a million of my friends--some close, some so very far away you wonder if you really even know them or if they just happened upon your lunch table and asked to sit down.

It has been a very good waster of time, facilitator of relationships, vehicle by which to see hideous pictures of your friends, and a faith builder in hopes that your friends don't post hideous pictures of YOU!

It has been wonderful to catch up with folks from high school, college, and other random places--even some bloggers here have found me. A little wild that so many of your worlds can collide in one place.

Well, I am off to see if anyone else wants to be my friend!


Cheryl said...

Hey, look me up! I would love to be your friend. I just started a few months ago, it has been fun. Love seeing all my old friends!

Lynilu said...

I haven't figured out all the nuances of facebook, but I'm enjoying it. (Don't tell Caroline I like it, though; it's fun to give her heck for getting me into it!! hee hee). I don't think It has "taken over" with me, but it certainly could!

Daisy said...

I'll be your friend! I just started my facebook last week.

beans said...

Daisy--email me your name at beanie77@comcast.net and I will add you!

Daisy said...

I just emailed you.

Jenster said...

Tina's the one who sucked me in. I shall forever hold a grudge!!