Sunday, December 21, 2008

And we're off . .almost

Tomorrow morning we leave for Wisconsin. We hear it is very cold there, and should make it all the way up to 6 degrees tomorrow when we arrive. This used to be a problem when I was reluctant to wear my winter coat. Mostly because I hated to sit down in my jacket as it would all push up and I would have a big bulge to deal with.

Well friends, I discovered something that apparently EVERYONE else in the world has known for years except me. Did YOU know that the double zipper on jackets was for you to zip UP in order to sit down? I never knew this, and since this discovery a few days ago my life has been transformed. I am no longer resistant to wear my winter coat. The cold weather is much more manageable now!

What else . . .I have been working a lot. I gave my official notice last Friday . . .and I have been doing a few hours each week at the new job in order to overlap with the current social workers. It has been good, but makes for long weeks.

I have a post inside of my head about being a social worker during the holiday season. Perhaps on Tuesday I will get that one out. Don't hold your breathe!!

If I am not back before the holiday, I wish all 4 of you a very happy, healthy, wondiferous holiday and new year.

Oh, in other news I will be another year older in a few days as well, and I am hoping old-agehood is good to me! Happy Birthday to me!

Hope all is well, and WARM in your parts.


beans said...

Lyn-THAT WAS FREAKY! I finished publishing this post, go to read my email and there's a comment from you about me posting--GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Enjoy-and happy happy!

Jenster said...

Have a great trip! Maybe I'll see you at the airport tomorrow morning.

My friend in SoCal told me today it's freezing there. Yeah. She said it was freakin' 44 degrees last night at 11:00! I laughed and called her a baby.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!! Hope to see you soon!

Daisy said...


Have a safe and uneventful trip. Have fun!

Lynilu said...

LOL! Beans, that is very funny!! Both the great minds overlap and the fact that you are XX years old, almost XX+1, and you're just now figuring out zippers!! I'm so glad you and I bumped into each other here!!

Have a good trip, be safe, and enjoy the family! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, dear friend!

Daisy said...

It is freakin cold here!!!!

beans said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!

Jen- Didn't see you at the airport--for any of the 5 hours we were stuck there waiting for our plane to arrive. It was a wreck of a morning--but we got our photo taken with Santa. What mroe could you want. I am hoping you are warm wherever you are, and that you have a fabulous trip!!!

Daisy--I do hope this trip si uneventful. Last time I was here I sprained my ankle really badly in the snow. I am hoping for MUCH less excitement! (Daisy--you can't be nearly as cold as it is right now in WI . . .-6 this morning! BRRRR

Lyn-Yes, well. Perhaps I am a slow learner . . .It has been a great discovery though and I am very proud of my accomplishment. Hope you have a great holiday with your crew.

beans said...

atrocious spelling--this computer doesn't show me when I have made a spelling mistake . . .

smallawei said...
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