Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not so thankful Thanksgiving-

Guess who is having surgery the day after Thanksgiving? I went to see the surgeon today, and after ruthlessly shoving a tube in my nose, he determines that I have very large cysts taking residence in both of maxillary sinuses. Apparently you could see the invaders while he was in there, but I was tearing up and couldn't keep my eyes open. He said there was very little to do but remove them.

Now, he said it shouldn't be as bad as the last surgery where he had to make my sinus cavities larger and fix the septum. There's a possibility he can do the whole thing through the scope and get both cysts out. Then again, he said that because of the size he might not be able to get them very easily. In that case the best way to get the suckers out is through my mouth. Yes, I know, doesn't that sound horrid? It is called a caldwell luc procedure--check out the photos if you dare . . .The first option would have me laid up for a few days, the other he said about a week. I asked him if they both would require the nasty nose vacuum, and he said they would. Sheesh . . .the second type has a better chance of eliminating the cysts and preventing them from coming back like they did this time.

So I figured I would need to have the surgery well in advance of flying for Christmas, and this was the best time we could come up with. Darn it . . .

On another note, they had the computer on with the pictures of my brain, and it was neato to see by brains and eye balls and stuff from the MRI. Looks just like it does on TV.


Jenster said...

Oh Beans!! I'm so sorry!! It all sounds so blechy!

Every time I've had a brain scan (I have all manner of scans on a regular basis) I find comfort in seeing that I really do have a brain. :o)

Daisy said...

Sounds horrid, but hopefully everything will go smoothly and uneventfully and you'll be better than new by Christmas.