Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The internet is BAD!

The internet is very bad for wandering eyes like myself who search on You Tube for sinus surgery. BAD BAD BAD . . .I am canceling the surgery right now . . .ok, I know that is rash . . .but still you should SEE what they do to your nose innards . . .


Lynilu said...


You went to youtube to search for information about sinus surgery??


Beans, Beans, Beans. I though you were smarter than that!

Lawdy. Buy you books, and what do you do? YOU EAT THE COVERS!!

I give up. I simply give up.

Lynilu said...

I was so aghast that I couldn't spell! "I *thought* you were smarter......"

harumph. kids.

beans said...
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beans said...

I didn't really go to you tube for information per se, I got that from Web MD and Wikipedia of course ;P

Seriously, I just wanted to see a picture of the little things wreaking havoc on my brain and head, and then my fingers got away from me and before I knew it I was looking at videos of the surgery they are going to do.

I am paying for it though, as I have been sick sick sick the last two days. Called off today and everything . . . (surely not from watching the videos, but something . . .)

BTW--I am still smart, so there!

Lynilu said...



Cheryl said...

It sounds like we suffer from the same kind of headaches. We have our own internal barameters in our sinuses, that turn into migraines/keep our head under the covers headaches. I had sinus surgery last year. It wasn't bad, really. However, the results only gave me relief for 3-4 months tops. I'm right back where I was. The ENT keeps telling me I'm not using enough saline. If I use any more saline, I will turn into a box of salt. Plus, it sometimes makes my sinus/headaches worse. I invested in a netti pot, that does seem to help, but it is such a daily, ongoing preventative thing. It is depressing. My doctor sent me to another neurologoist, who put me on Depakote and Frova. The Depakote cause me to gain 20 pounds in 3 months! The Frova does help sometimes. I'm back to fiorinal, which I stopped completely for a while. Now that is not even helping. I'm so frustrated with this. Headaches this bad make it so hard to function.
So I babble on and have nothing helpful to say. I just want you to know that I feel your pain and have been on your quest. I hope, whatever you decide, you get relief.

Lynilu said...

OK, now. You write a freak-out post, than disappear. Whassup??

Come back, little Beans, come back!!