Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What a crock!

DP and I decided this week that we should make something in the crock pot. So we got out our cookbook-entitled "Not your mothers slow cooker cook book". We perused some good ones, and settled on some meatloaf and potato thing. Seemed easy enough and thus we have dinner cooking as we speak.

Thing is, it is weird, as a person who sorta has some OCD issues, to leave a heated thing on cooking in the house all day long. Something seems very wrong with that.

Secondly, I have been home for a few hours now smelling this yummy yummy dinner, and all I can think about is food . . .I want to eat NOW!! We have another 2 hours for crying out loud. I will never make it-or I will simply eat so much other stuff that I won't be hungry for yummy dinner. I am also seriously procrastinating on finishing my paper which is due tomorrow, people. GRRRRRR

I also can never resist the urge to go open the top and look in. I know this lets out a ton of steam that has been building for hours, but I need to interact with it somehow--I can't believe it doesn't need me . . . to do ANYTHING.

That's just a crock if you ask me!


Jenster said...

Ooo! Sounds yummy!! If it's good can I get the recipe??

(BTW - my post was a little misleading. That's not Darlene's farm. It's just some farm I can see from our park. lol)

Cheryl said...

That sounds good, and I can just imagine how wonderful it smells. I have a HUGE problem with leaving things plugged in all day, even thou I know it is safe. If I could get past that, I know I would have some easy, yummy dinners waiting for me when I got home from work. The kids would be shocked to smell good smells simmering in the kitchen.

Thanks for being supportive and for your very helpful comments today. I know people want me to be positive and focus on myself, but I can't do that when I am so worried about Hannah. I'm researching post--concussion syndrome in teen related to concussions. I wonder if the anti-depressants make it worse. Her whole personality changed after her concussion and she still gets major headaches. We do have some great services for her, but the hospital trips, keep setting them back. She is such an amazing girl, she is just hurting so much. She told me today she doesn't want to leave the house.

I'm also glad you told me about your positive experiences at Catholic Schools. I have a good feeling about Faith Heritage. Now it is just a matter of getting her in. Routine and structure will be so good for her, also being back being around peers.

Enjoy your dinner!

Lynilu said...

I love the slow cooker, and I should use it more. Everything I fix in it turns out just awesome!

"That's just a crock if you ask me!" LOL!!

beans said...

Jen--I will send you the recipe . . turned out great and made good leftovers!

Cheryl-You are very welcome! Anytime I can be of help, or if you want to pick my brain, I am here.

Lyn-can't wait for you to start the new recipe blog!