Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random thoughts . .

OK, so I am jumbled today and so I thought I would let you know about the randomness going on in my head about my latest activities and such . . .

  1. I am now triple checking to be sure I am posting on the right blog . . .
  2. I am feeling much better today, though my nose is still all cracked from blowing it so much. OUCH! I had to give in and use the lotion-y issues my DP got me. Thanks!
  3. I took the train to work today and was feeling very directionally challenged. I thought I could get the broad street line right from Market East, which apparently you cannot, and people were telling me to go this way and that way and by the time I gt to the conference I was a sweaty mess ready to cry . . .45 minutes after I got off the first train . . .
  4. I almost cried this morning-I have been on the verge of tears for a few days-not sure why-->(though I should have gotten my period and I haven't . . .first time since off the pill that I haven't gotten it. I thought I was going to be a normal girl for a chance), but I have kept it together, but this morning was challenging. It turns out I should have just gone to my normal stop and walked a few blocks and I would have been there. I hate feeling like I don't know where I am.
  5. Went to a conference today and it was very interesting . ..talked about the racial disparities in low birth weight babies . . .I was asked to go by the folks I work with-mostly nurses. I met some people and it was very interesting. Tomorrow is a seminar on autism interventions/assessments. Close to home so I can sleep in a bit and drive there.
  6. Had a meeting tonight at my church. They are gathering with women to talk about what kinds of things women might be interested in as far as outreach, ministry, activities, fun, etc. It was great to met some new people and I look forward to getting to know them.
  7. My cousin had gastric bypass surgery, and while visiting her this weekend my mother proclaimed that she and I should get this done together. I have so many things to say about this, and it is too late to say them now, but I needed to get that out. I know this is not something I should be thinking about obsessively, but I am and I can't seem to get the vision of my once fluffy cousin turned skinny out of my head.
  8. I have an official bio on the website of the place I work. Of course I cannot share that, cause then y'all would know who I was and that would be very, very bad! But it is neato anyways!
  9. While visiting a health center last week for work-I was observing the clinic-, one of the np's told me-matter of factly that I had rosacia, bad acne, and needed to lose weight. She gave me a script for this lotion stuff-two actually and I used them for about two days when I stopped. Why did I stop you ask? Well, my face got all red and bumpy and itchy. Then it sort of turned leathery. Today was the first day it did not itch horribly and burn. I ditched the potions and went back to the Aveda All Sensitive . . .I should have known better as I have a history of reacting this way to things on my face, but my face was breaking out horribly and I was feeling some type of way about that.
  10. hmm, I guess that is it. I have therapy tomorrow. That has been going relatively well, except she keeps going away and that has caused some breaks in sessions and I feel like we start over each time we have a break . . .it is getting better, but I wish she'd stay put. Doesn't she know I have issues?
Night-until tomorrow!

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K J and the kids said...

Thanks for your comment.

Glad you are feeling better.
I HATE feeling lost.
You should check out http://turtleandbutterfly.blogspot.com/2007/11/losing-105-pounds-what-it-means-to-me.html
She just went through gastric. Something to read any ways. Might help you understand your cousin a little more.
I'm sorry that everyone is giving you unsolicited advice.