Thursday, January 11, 2007

Traffic Jam

So today I am leaving work and taking the shortcut to therapy from where I work. . . well, several hours later I never made it to therapy, and I sat in my car getting more furious by the minute.

There was a road closed and the trusty radio station that I listen to said nothing for 1 hour and 15 minutes about this road closure. I felt so betrayed-No Traffic and Transit on the 2's for me today. I think I may boycott. Then I get to the road I need to and it farms everyone in the opposite direction I needed to be going in-->it was like I saw it happening and could d nothing about it. At this point it is 4:45 and I am supposed to be at my appt. Going in the wrong direction, sitting in rush hour traffic, and not having a place to turn around for like 5 miles . . Oh, and did I mention I didn't pee before I left work because after all, it was only going to be a 1/2 hour until I got to my appt . . . .grrr. I wanted to call my therapist to tell her I would be late, but they recently changed the number and I don't have it in my phone. Information didn't know the number-how can information not know the INFORMATION???

So she calls to find out where I am and I tell her. Then I say hey, we could work on anger management . . .or let's see, what I am supposed to be learning here . . .she says, maybe you are just learning that life sucks sometimes and it really has nothing to do with you . . .hmm. Then she said she could stay late and see me tomorrow. She is nice.

I think I also get pissed off about the whole thing about having to pay for appointments that you miss without giving 24 hours notice. I mean, who knows 24 hours in advance that they are going to be stuck in traffic, or will be too sick to go. Either way, without the proper notice you have to pay your co-pay, so damn it, I will go hacking up a lung just to not waste my co-pay.

Grrr . . .ok, so that is me for another day.

Oh, and I think my co-worker, not the one I like, but the crazy one. I seriously think she is bi-polar. It is scary and I keep waiting for her to stab me in the head with a plastic fork . . .or spoon. Either way, she has it out for us and one day she will go postal. I don't have the energy to on about the crazy things she does, but look out for me on the news. I will be the one in the "Weird News" section with a fork coming out of my head . . .just you wait and see.

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